Friday, August 27, 2010

Mile High Kite Festival - Beech Mountain NC Sept 5, 2010

Mile High Kite Festival
Beech Mountain, NC
will be held on Sun,
Sept 5th 10am - 4pm
This will be the eighth year for the Mile High Kite Festival. The Richmond Air Force and the Charlotte WACKOS kite club will be partaking in the Festival. The 8th Annual Mile High Kite Festival is hosted by the Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce.
There will be refreshments, and many vendors at the Kite Festival. Kids of all ages can come out and enjoy participating or watch the kites fly! There will be FREE kites for the first 200 kids. There will be prizes given out for the smallest and largest kites and best decorated kite.

On September 4th, there will be a kite workshop in the field across from town hall for those kids that want to learn how to make a kite. Also on Saturday evening from 7p.m. to 9p.m - 9/4/10. there will be a street dance for all ages to enjoy!

For more information please call the Beech Mountain Chamber of Commerce: (828) 387-9283 or (800) 468-5506