Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Snowfall Of The Season On Beech Mountain NC!

It was very exciting to see the first snowflakes of the season on Beech Mountain NC, Thursday night October 27, 2008. Since it was dark when I left the mountain, unfortunately, I didn't get any photos. You can check out the white dusting of snow on this High Country Webcam IF you hurry!

I realize that it's not uncommon to see some snowfall in October at higher elevations such as Beech Mountain's 5500 ft elevation. According to Ray's Weather the average snowfall on Beech in October is 2.5 inches.
Last night, I could have sworn that I saw snow blowing machines on the slopes at Ski Beech and sure enough - today according to the website they did in fact, start snowmaking last night! Wow! in October!

All you die hard snow skiers and snowboarders, start making plans to hit Ski Beech around mid November. Even though they have started snowmaking, they want to have a great base before opening. You can still order Coupon Books by calling 1-800-438-2093.

Photo courtesy of Ski-Beech

Plan ahead for your ski trips to the NC mountains, dates are booking fast!

Monday, October 13, 2008

We Followed The Yellow Brick Road to Oz on Beech Mountain NC

Wow, we finally made it to "Autumn at Oz" after 4 years of trying. It was well worth the wait. See all the info about the yearly opening on my blog post - Autumn At the Land of Oz on Beech Mountain NC.

We enjoyed all the costumed visitors to the Land of Oz on Beech almost as much as the characters on the Yellow Brick Road in the park. Everyone is encouraged to wear Ozzy wear and that........ they do!!!


A trio, Little Dorothy, Witch and ahh>>

<<<<<<Horse of a different color

The characters have incredible costumes and makeup. There are numerous Dorothys, Tin Mans, Scarecrows and Cowardly Lions around for those photo ops. They also are so gracious in gladly accommodating all the flashing cameras for this 2 day event!
Much of Oz is located around the Ski Beech slopes but is not open to the public except during this event, once a year.
We're OFF to see the Wizard................